Certifed Transactional Analyst (CTA) (Psych)
MSc. TA Psychotherapy
Clinical Dip. TA Psychotherapy
Dip. TA Psychotherapeutic Counselling
BSc (Hons) Psychology

I am a dual national British and French experienced fully qualified Psychotherapist that can offer a bilingual service. I use a Humanistic approach that integrates Transactional Analysis (TA) Theory, this honours the depth and integrity of each individual’s unique experience and allows us to explore together and change, difficult behaviours that are interfering with everyday life.

Alongside my work in private practice, I have also worked in the French educational system providing therapy and counselling to adolescents and young adults. As part of my current advanced clinical development, I now only work in my private practice in the centre of Grenoble and I take pride in offering a welcoming and friendly environment in which to explore and resolve difficult issues.

I offer therapy to people who wish to gain a better understanding of themselves and how they are with others as well as to people with mental health, emotional and psychological difficulties....

Who looks outside dreams; Who looks inside awakes.

Carl  Jung

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